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ForevaXena's Resources...

These are some of the really cool extras I use on my pc's.
Best of all, they're absolutely FREE!

Now you can surf the net with Xena & Gabrielle all the time.  Download the browser and get one of the Xena skins.
This is the Official Xena skin for NeoPlanet from Universal Studios.
Playing those Xena Midis and MP3's on a plain, boring player?  You don't have to!  There are tons of Xena skins online for Winamp :)
Another hot item for Xena fans who want to download some of the amazing Xena music videos on the net.
An absolute MUST for chatting with your Xena buddies.
This is a sweet way to have your favorite Xena images alternate on your desktop.  I've been using this one for awhile now and it's super.
This is an awesome download assistant.  You can speed up, resume, and even schedule your downloads!
Lots of zipped files out there for you so you gotta have this.
Global Guestbook Here's the perfect compliment to a Xena Website.  Customizable and simple.
Bravenet Large resource site for webmasters with just about every service you might want.

Lots more to come . . .

If you'd like to see something added to this list, please let me know on
my feedback form.  Thanks!


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