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Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

You may have noticed that my "Coming Soon" section notes
that I  am now accepting Artwork submissions.  If you have Xena-
related artwork that you would like posted on this site, please
drop me an email!

I am also looking for anyone who is interested in posting reviews
of artwork or fanfic.  This is a new section I am preparing (thanks
to J. Falconer for the idea!) and it is in development at this time.
Please contact me if you would like more info. 



Added a new FanFic Cover for J. Falconer's, "The Legend Of


Added the collage of the week, "Regrets"

Reorganized "What's New" page and archived past months.

The "Collages" page got a makeover also.

Gave the "Links" page a facelift and organized it alphabetically.
Added a link to Aquarius UK



And how about a new "Discussion Hut"?  Drop by and start some conversation!

You can now add your own link to this site!  Just go to my "Free-For-All" links
page and sign up.

ForevaXena now has a Classified Ads Department.  Thanks to the fine services
of "Bravenet", you can now barter like a true bard at the "Bazaar"!



Videos are now online of Lucy's most recent "Tonight Show" appearance
and a clip from a Jay Leno monologue about her giving birth!  Check them
out here.

Updated "Lawless' Lair".

Lucy has cancelled her trip to New York and all subsequent appearances.
Read the news from the Official Fan Club here.

Added a brand new section to the site featuring some of our "ForevaXenites".

Changed the date for the rerun of Lucy on the "Tonight Show" to avoid confusion.
This repeat airs at 2:00 am (in my area), so it's really Wednesday the 19th and not
Tuesday.  Either way you look at it, it's TONIGHT!

Added new navigation for the "" mailing list and my "Link To Me"

Added a new link for "Web Wizard's Xena: Warrior Princess Tribute Page"
























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