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*This page is being retained as a virtual memory of how this site was born.  "ForevaXena . . ." 
might still be nothing more than a dream of mine, had it not been for this college assignment.
To my wonderful Professor, Dr. Sam Hijazi, I send my most heartfelt "Thanks!".  You always
inspire me with your genius, and your guidance of my computer studies is most appreciated.  I
dedicate this site to you and hope that Xenites everywhere will appreciate what you encouraged
me to create!



ForevaXena Logo

"I have MANY skills"

A Xenite in Universal Heaven!
Luckily, I made the trip a week before they closed the show.














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A bit about me and how my favorite obsession became a college project!

About a year ago, (yes, I'm slow to catch on sometimes!) I became hooked on a little syndicated TV show called Xena: Warrior Princess. I don't think there's enough bandwidth on this site to explain how this show has affected and changed my life for the better, so I won't even begin to try. Suffice to say that it has made a MAJOR impact on me!
I design websites as part of my job, but recently my college instructor asked the class to put together a personal site using "Talk City" and it's existing layouts, templates, and backgrounds without any fancy HTML editing. What you see on this page is my contribution to the assignment. (And Zeus knows it was all I could do not to break loose on a creative frenzy!)
I hope you will enjoy your visit to my small corner of the web.
As a Christmas present to myself this site was moved to its new home, on Tripod, on December 15, 1999!  I LOVE the new address . . .

*Disclaimer 101*

Everybody should have one, most people need one, NOBODY likes 'em, but here goes:

***A little throat clearing sound effect please***

The characters of Xena, et al, are the sole property of Universal Studios and RenPics. They make all the money and get all the glory! (This chick thinks they deserve it anyway.)
I am merely borrowing them for a little fun time and promise (fingers crossed behind back) to return them in mint condition (should I ever hope to get a good price on EBay) when I (and all my Internet buddies) are finished with them!
Besides, I have nothing left for a lawsuit. I've already spent it all on my Xena collection!


I think this is fairly obvious!

Truth be known, I do actually like some other things:

Scuba Diving rates high on my list, as well as fine wines and primo cigars. When I'm not in front of my TV watching, um, what's her name? Oh yeah, Xena!, I can be found in front of my PC doing lots of cool and sometimes actual work-related thingies!

People who criticize Xena as being a "childish or immature" show. There are no words in the English language to accurately describe how I pity you for not having the intelligence to "get it"!

For that matter, no one should ever disrespect anyone just because they enjoy something the other person might not!

---You may lower my soapbox now, Mr. DeMille!

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