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This page is still in its infancy (babies EVERYWHERE these days!), but I have finally set aside more time for this project.  (To see the ORIGINAL PAGE for this site, click the link.)   I've gotten so much from this show that it has given me a strong desire to give back and share with other fans.

At a time when it seems that some fans are leaving the flock, I feel a tremendous need to support all those involved with Xena.  While we all have our reasons for liking or disliking certain aspects of the series, let us not forget to see the true talent and creativity behind it.  Not to mention the real "Xenites" who have given so much of their own time and
talent in both online and offline efforts!  

My most heartfelt thanks to the HCNB's that helped me catch up on various bits about the show when it was all new to me.  It is my pleasure to finally be alongside you on the web fighting for "the greater good"!




Download Real Video of the "Tonight Show" HERE!

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