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ForevaXena's FanFic Covers . . .

As some folks know, I am a fanfic "beta-reader".  This has given me a wonderful opportunity to be in on the
ground floor of developing stories, and to collaborate with some of the outstanding bards of the Xenaverse.
Since my passion is the graphical end of creativity, I feel compelled to put a "face" to the stories created by
the bards I work with.  Below you will find a couple of covers I've completed for J. Falconer, a new bard who
has already given us two great uber works.  In the very near future, ForevaXena . . . will unveil a FanFic
section that is part of the whole site, but for now, I have provided links to these two stories for your reading


      Click covers for a larger image . . .

Kingdom Of Ice Cover

A wonderful uber-fairytale by J. Falconer.  READ THE STORY

Royal Hunt Of The Dragon Cover

J. Falconer does it again!  She's mastered the uber-fairytale
like no other.  READ THE STORY

Elven Queen cover The latest work from J. Falconer.  Another super uber-fairytale that will put a "spell" on you!  READ THE STORY
The Legend Of Isolde Cover  J. Falconer strikes again with the best uber-fairytale yet!  Join King Blair on her search for the perfect companion.  READ THE STORY


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